It's Okay to Not Be Okay.

I think we all need to hear that right now. We're all scared; some of us are in denial, which is making those of us who are scared even more so. Most of us are doing what we can to find some kind of peace and normalcy right now. But most of us are in … Continue reading It's Okay to Not Be Okay.

Trying to Maintain a Sense of Balance When The World is a Dumpster Fire

I know what's on your mind right now, because it's on my mind, too. It's on everyone's mind. Whether you think everything is overblown or your prepping for end-times, we're all talking about the same thing: COVID-19. The Coronavirus. The thing we are all sick of talking about and yet can't stop talking about. Like … Continue reading Trying to Maintain a Sense of Balance When The World is a Dumpster Fire

That Darned Struggle Bus

For the last few weeks, I've been working through and with some low-level but constant anxiety and mild depression. It's become background noise to the point where I've chosen to ignore it and decide my "official" emotion would be something else. However, those binged episodes of Stargate: Atlantis pretty much speak for themselves. One day … Continue reading That Darned Struggle Bus

The Largeness of My Potential Terrifies Me

Have your dreams ever terrified you? I'm not talking nightmares or night-terrors. I'm talking about those dreams that give you hope, inspire you to work harder, influence the goals you set for yourself. Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the magnitude of the dreams you've allowed yourself to entertain? I have. In fact, I'm … Continue reading The Largeness of My Potential Terrifies Me

The Grief Gets to You

A quick word before we get to the actual post. I'm feeling the need to say straight off that I wrote the majority of this a week ago. It was very cathartic to do so, and I'm quite proud of it. All that being said, I am okay. My husband and I got married two and … Continue reading The Grief Gets to You