State of Kate Weekly Series

Welcome to December! It’s the official countdown to the end of the year. The holiday craziness is in full swing, and we’re inundated with saccharine Hallmark movies where all the women seem to be named either Holly or Noelle and their lives are incomplete until they meet a man under the mistletoe. But I’m not jaded.

I’m posting this a little later than normal, as I had to interrupt my writing with Adulting. Believe me, it wasn’t my first choice.

The Physical

Activity: WIN.

So far, so good! I’ve managed to find some form of activity every day in December. I took a short walk this morning (not noted in the picture), but I’m hoping to squeeze something else in today.

The bluey-purple at the end makes it so hard to read the activity!

December’s tracking form is a tad more official looking, and the categories are different. I got rid of a couple that I didn’t seem to be using, and added one simply called “winter.” I don’t do much outside this time of year as I hate the cold, but I wanted a category where I could count shoveling, ice skating, or some other winter activity my husband convinces me to do. I’ve also added an “other” category, for things I do rarely these days (yoga, dance), or try out (HIIT, pilates, or any number of new things out there). 

Doing my one-minute wall sits against the fridge, as that was the only open “wall” space I could find.

Earlier this week, I did my first at-home interval training. It was fun! I did 300 jumping jacks, you guys. That’s a lot. I like the fact that I can do this at home, without any pressure or judgement. Eventually I want to take a HIIT class that my dojo offers, but I’m not up for that physically right now. These at-home workouts are my way of getting ready.

Thursday morning yoga practice. Toby is such a good helper. 
Nutrition: WIN.

I feel like I did really well this week. For the most part, I focused on getting my morning fruit smoothies in, and healthy, filling lunches and dinners focused on protein, healthy fats, whole grains, and veggies. 

The broccoli kugel came out so amazing. We snarfed that stuff down.

As my husband is culturally jewish, I get a kick out of incorporating Hannukah traditions into the festivities. Mostly he is bemused by my attempts, but he does enjoy the food. For the first night of Hannukah, I made my first-ever kugel. So good, you guys. Since latkes take forever and are messy, I cheated and bought some from Trader Joe’s. I also made kamish bread (aka mandelbrot).

Last year, I made Kamish bread six times before I found the “closest to Bubbe’s” version. 

Last year I stumbled upon a recipe and it was the first time my husband’s eyes lit up and he confessed to sentimental fond memories of his bubbe’s cookies. As he never usually does this, kamish bread will forevermore be on the regular holiday rotation. 

The Mental

WIN. I’ve been a little worried about work the last week or so, because things have been oddly quiet. However, I took some actionable steps (also called “marketing”) that felt right and good. I also got a 2019 organizational calendar, and I can’t wait to get into the actual meat of the thing. I’ve got lists galore going, but things are getting crossed off which feels real good.

My baking skillz seem to be non-existent this December, so I’m making alternate plans. If it’s simple enough and I have the time, I’ll make it. If not . . . we are totes buying it. My sister-in-law is by necessity gluten-free, so we try as much as possible to make sure she can eat everything over the holidays. Luckily, we have a couple GF bakeries in the area, so I’m planning on hitting them up for their baked goods.

I’m all for letting someone else do the heavy lifting. It’s called delegating. It’s also called winning.

The Emotional

WIN. I’ve been feeling a little fragile, but on the whole a bit more solid and, well, heard. Writing my blog post on grief really helped process some of the stuff I was feeling, and some of the stuff I’d never put a name to before now. As I find with so many other things, often just naming it and acknowledging it releases a large amount of the suffering. 

In an amusing side note, this morning my husband and I went to a medical examiner for a once-over as part of buying life insurance (the aforementioned adulting). When the practitioner weighed me, it was a little more than she expected, but about average for me lately. She said something about all the layers I was wearing because of the cold. I thought to myself, Lady, I’m not wearing that many layers.

Once upon a time, that comment would have sent me on a spiral. I would have internalized the light, societal judgement and the excuse she was trying to give me because weight + female = shaky ground.

The fact is, I have made peace with my weight. Is it the number I’d prefer? Oh hells no. Is it the number my body has currently chosen as comfortable and refuses to move from, no matter how little I eat or how much I exercise? Yes. So . . . this is me  and I am so okay with it. 

Weekly Totals

WINS: 4 wins


I’m super stoked, mainly because I have a slight phobia regarding medical professionals and I managed to get through things just fine, plus my husband brought me a cookie as a reward for not freaking out. I also had a much more enjoyable acupuncture/cupping/massage appointment today, which helped me along immeasurably.

How about you? How are you holding up through this crazy month? Are you winning? Womping? Wobbling? Are you taking care of yourself? Let us know in the comments.