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It’s the last day of November. Tomorrow, I put up our Christmas trees. Yes, plural. We have the main tree in the living room, and a smaller one with a different color palette in the TV room. What can I say? I like the lights. My Jewish husband doesn’t really care, but digs the fact we have a Death Star tree topper.

The Physical

Activity: Firm WIN.

I feel good about the activity I accomplished over the past week. It was a nice mix. Even with the long weekend and the start of the holiday season, I managed to do something almost every day, and most of it significant. 

Look at him, all skating, looking at the camera, and making a face. Look at me, not taking out small children.

Last Friday, my husband and I went ice skating at a local rink. My husband played hockey as a child, so his technique is ingrained and he has a confidence on the rink I doubt I’ll ever have. I, however, am completely self-taught. The last time I spent significant time on the blades, I was still in elementary school. But we both love it, and we’re looking forward to skating more now that hiking is off the table for the next six months.

I’ve tweaked my December categories a bit (more on that next week), but I had to add an activity to November: snow shoveling. It is way to early for that, even in Vermont. Yet, here we are. 


Unfortunately, yesterday I never got in my daily activity, so I’ve broken my twenty-two day activity streak. I’d call that a womp, but I managed to go nearly a whole month doing something every day. That’s a milestone for me! Yesterday was a crazy day that got away from me, so I won’t feel bad or guilty about it. Here’s to a full month of December activity, starting tomorrow!

Nutrition: FIRM wOBBLY WIN.

I went back and forth on the “firm” bit, but I’ll stand by it. We spent a good portion of the week eating leftovers (as you do). I made a lovely potato soup a few days ago that’s really been hitting the spot. I make it cream-free, so the calories are much more reasonable. Although, I did add some parmesan for a little kick. 

We’re still eating more bread than we’d both like, and we seem to be on a grilled cheese kick. Also, there were tater tots Tuesday night. My salad habit is in hiatus until lettuce is once again okay to eat. I may end up buying some organic iceburg lettuce to hold me over. Not my first (or second) choice, but it’s what’s available right now. Sigh.

Maybe this firm win isn’t so firm. I think it’s on pretty wobbly ground. 

The Mental

SOFT WIN. I’ve been feeling pretty good for most of the week, which is awesome. The win is a “soft” one, mainly because I’m actually writing most of this post on Thursday morning, which is turning out to be a crappy one. I’ve had my Friday schedule—which was busy, but perfectly allocated—turned on its ear and as a result, I had to re-do my entire day. Which means writing this twenty-four hours ahead of time, because I no longer have the time to spare on Friday. It also means I’m putting off other stuff I had planned to do this morning, which will now simply not get done, because time. 

Homework time. Which, thankfully, can be done on the couch. Because cozy.

December is busy for me, between work and prepping for the holiday (which we are hosting and having overnight guests for multiple nights). This year, there is the added layer of classwork/homework/studying. I am struggling already to find the space for everything. And when something has to go, it always seems to be classwork. Which does not help my plans and goals for 2019 at all

The only reason why this isn’t a womp is because I did pretty well the rest of the week. Big picture . . . big picture . . .

The Emotional

WOBBLE. December is hard for me. My dad died in early December of 2001. It was a shock to all of us. That first holiday without him . . . let’s not get into how horrible that was. As the years have gone on, we’ve all done our best to celebrate the way he’d have wanted. He loved Christmas. So we keep on keeping on. 

Do I overcompensate? Quite possibly. Do I struggle the first part of the month, but forget why my emotions are so on-edge? Most likely. 2001 was a long time ago. When you keep on living, you have a tendency to forget that a loss that big never really goes away. You remember at odd times, and the grief can be as fresh as it was seventeen years ago. And still . . . life goes on.

It can be really, really hard to be in a caring profession when you’re struggling to maintain on a daily basis. You shove your own needs way down, because it’s literally your job to put other’s needs first during working hours. Your squashed emotions end up staying down there, until one small thing happens and they explode all over the place.


Weekly Totals

WINS: 1 firm win, 1 wobbly win, 1 soft win

Wow . . . the wins really run the gamut this week, don’t they? Still . . . wins. We take ’em where we can get ’em. 

How are you holding up this time of year? Do you love the season? Do you hate it? Do you just go somewhere warm for the entire month and pretend “the season” doesn’t exist? How are you coping with the end-of-year gauntlet?

One should always end with a cuddle.

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  1. *HUGS* for you. As for how I feel about Christmas…Meh. I hate the pressure to buy gifts, and i hate buying gifts just because it’s Christmas. My kids aren’t little anymore so that fun is absent, and other family baloney takes away a lot of the fun of holiday meals with family. To be honest, I wouldn’t care if we didn’t decorate…but I do enjoy the extra days off from work. 🙂

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