Weekly State of Kate Update

Want to know a dirty little secret? I’m writing this on Thursday night. Shhhhh. Want to know another one? WordPress is testing out a new way of writing/publishing posts so I’m trying it out. So if you see some funky new things, that’s me playing around a bit. 

The Physical

Activity: hard WIN.

Last week was a “soft win,” but I am feeling really good about my activity levels this past week. That’s even taking into account how cold it’s been. Like, February cold. In November. I must admit, I am not a fan. 

As you can see, my new tracking system is really working for me. I’ve already got some ideas for December’s version. While some days have multiple boxes ticked off, everyday has at least one, which was the goal. My State of Kate updates run Friday to Thursday, but the tracker runs Sunday to Saturday; the thick line indicates the start of a new week (Sunday). 

I think I can take hiking off the menu for the next few months.

Another plus: I’ve started on the treadmill again! With the below-freezing temps, my outdoor running season is over for the next six months or so. I’m taking the opportunity to re-visit Couch to 5k. I’ve reverted back to Week 4, but I’m playing around with my pacing so I can work my way up to what I do outside. I’m confident that by the end of the winter I’ll be able to run 5k on the treadmill, which means I’ll definitely be able to do it outside. 

Everyone watches the Great British Baking Show while on the treadmill, right? 
Nutrition: Soft WIN.

I’m still struggling here, although I am doing some better. This being said after a dinner of Chinese food. In which I ate it all, and regret nothing. Well, I’m regretting it a little bit now that it’s hit bottom. But mostly I’m not. 

I’m back to near daily morning smoothies and the large lunch salads I love to eat. I’ve struggled to make dinners this week, however, and that’s been my biggest downfall. As a result, I’ve been over-relying on pre-made food. Still, at least I do my best to stock the least crappy processed foods we can reasonably afford. I do my best to buy things that have less that five grams of sugar, and ten grams of fat. 

The Mental

I don’t want to say WOMP, but I’m not entirely convinced it’s a WIN, either. What’s between the two? Wobble? This past week, my mental state was WOBBLE. 

I still struggle—as most women do—to find the time to do everything I want to do (hence writing this post after eating Chinese food and drinking a glass of wine [did I forget to mention that?] about twelve hours before I normally post). I’m also still working through my imposter syndrome, which will mostly likely stick around until I’ve been copyediting successfully for eight years or so. 

I’ve also put off enough administrative stuff for my business that I feel completely behind and neglectful there. I have a ton of stuff I need to start doing so I can get myself out there as an editor. I feel constantly behind on where I want to be with my classwork. And let’s not even talk about about the artistic projects I’ve half-started and walked away from, and the huge stack of books on my bedside table I’d love to read someday. 

So, yeah . . . I think “Wobble” is just right.

The Emotional

WOBBLE. Yeah, another Wobble. I feel like whatever cloud descended upon me a month ago has finally lifted. Praise Cheezus. However, this happened a couple days ago:

Nighty night, sweet little raspberry bush. 

This actually isn’t a lot of snow. Other places in Vermont got more. But that, coupled with today’s high of 15 whopping degrees, and a snowstorm forecast for the next eighteen hours, I crave hiding under my five blankets while praying for an early Spring. Which we never get, but I’m always hopeful.

Weekly Totals

WINS: 1 hard win, 1 soft win
WOBBLES: 2 wobbles

I’m happy-ish with that. Wobbles aren’t the end of the world. Many would argue that life is made up of wobbles, and it’s all in how we choose to respond to them.

Toby responds to wobbles while hiding under his wubby. 

How about you? Is your life wobbly? Are you winning? Are you struggling a bit? Leave a comment: WIN, WOBBLE, or WOMP? 

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