State of Kate Weekly Update

I feel like it’s been almost a month now since I last posted a traditional “State of Kate” update. Perhaps it is time to get back on that bandwagon. Let’s go, shall we?

The Physical

Activity: Soft WIN.

I’m slowly working my way back to the activity levels I had before my tumble into the Wompy Hole of Sadness. It is slow going, but I’m getting there. My challenge is to continue to get outside even when it’s cold, gray, and possibly rainy out. We’ve had maybe twenty minutes of sun in the last couple of weeks here, and I know for me that feeds into my mood.

I’m trying out a new way of tracking my activity for the rest of November. I had been keeping an Excel file that tallied time spent on the activity, approximate calories burned, mileage, and intensity level. While it was useful and interesting information, it had the unwanted side effect of making me feel like I was “failing” every time I fell below a certain number of weekly calories burned.

I’ve only been doing this for a couple days, and I haven’t filled in today. Yet.

So instead, I now have a list of my usual activities, and as I do them I color in a square. If every day has at least one square colored in, I get a treat at the end of the month (no, I don’t know what that is yet). This has multiple benefits:

  • Instead of “do more, it’s never enough,” it becomes “just one thing, you can do it!”
  • It brings creativity into the mix, making me more likely to want to do something
  • Instead of aiming at an ephemeral, in-the-distance goal (brown belt), I have something tangible to work for sooner (a treat at the end of the month).
  • It doesn’t have to be big to be counted; at least I’m doing something.

I’ve only been doing it for a couple of days (as you can tell by the picture), but if it works well I’ll modify it and continue using this system for the winter.

Nutrition: Soft WIN.

I’m struggling a bit here (still), but I’m slowly getting back to eating more healthy foods. I’m still eating bread, although I’m trying to keep it reasonable. With everything else I’m working on, it seemed an easy “give.” After all, better bread (especially local, organic bread with minimal ingredients and no preservatives or additives) than cookies, cakes, candies, tater tots, or potato chips.

One of my favorite ways to begin the day (after coffee). The ingredients vary a little, but generally there’s a banana, walnuts, flax, and frozen berries and almond milk.

I have been trying my best to fill up on proteins, fruits and veg, and whole grains whenever possible. With the chill and the gray, the pull toward comfort foods has been strong (macaroni and cheese, anyone?), but I’ve been doing my best to keep my indulgences on the healthier side, or at least eat smaller portions of them.

The Mental

WIN. As part of my copyediting class, we were given two books to edit and another to proofread. I officially finished my initial pass through the first book the other day. WOOT WOOT! It was a fairly deep edit, and now I need to go through a second time for a lighter edit, making sure I haven’t missed any double spaces or typos.

This book has been around for over 100 years, and is occasionally updated for new rules. The jammie pants have been around for three years, and are comfy.

As grammar still feels like my weak spot, I also recently bought a classic book to help boost my confidence. I will freely admit that talk of independent clauses and appositive phrases makes my eyes glaze over. Always has. Ironic for a burgeoning editor, but there you are. But if I can learn what a sternocleidomastoid is,  then I can learn what a freaking appositive phrase is.

The Emotional

Soft WIN. Still struggling to get back on track here, but generally speaking I am better. It doesn’t take me much to send me back to the Blanket Fort of Safety, but on the plus side I’m digging my way out faster and I’m in much less deep. Having other things to focus on (like writing, classwork, and Kempo) definitely helps.

Sometimes you need a blanket fort.

I took a big downturn a few days ago when I overdid it with Toby snuggles and he bit me. It was completely my fault; he’d had enough and I missed the signals. I was too close, and I got it in the face. He recovered quickly. . .after all, he just wanted some space. I, however, am just now returning to some kind of normalcy with him. I will say, I’ve pulled way from snuggies with him, providing scritches instead at arm’s length. I’m sure with time I’ll forget myself and start going all s’mother on him again, but for now, it’s a safe distance for all.

I was going to tell everyone that the bite on the lip was a Kempo class whoopsie, but it’s hard to see and and no one’s asked. Which is almost disappointing.

Weekly Totals

WINS: 1 “hard win,” 3 “soft wins”

Woo-Hoo! We’re back to more wins than womps. And a soft win is still a win, so it counts. After all, sometimes you win by smashing all of your goals, and sometimes you win by taking a shower and putting on clothes that are not pajamas. It’s a spectrum.

How about you? How have you been doing lately? What are your wins? What are you working through right now? Leave a comment!