State of Kate Weekly Update

Another quiet week here in Katedom. My husband took the week off and has been staycationing. I worked a short week, and have been joining him in the -cationing since Wednesday. It has been nice. So nice, in fact, I’d forgotten today was Friday and that I still have two more blissful days off!

My eating has still been off the rails, and Halloween didn’t help much. Yesterday I sat down and picked all of the chocolate out of the leftover candy and ate it all. This morning, Hubs threw the rest of the stuff out. I dislike throwing away perfectly good food, but in reality. . . it’s neither good nor food so there you are.

We went out to lunch at a local diner on Tuesday. There may or may not have been an onion ring starter course. 

I have been moving a bit more this week, which is nice. We haven’t had sunshine in over a week now; gray and rain as far as the eye can see. But we’re trying. Tuesday morning, we went on a three-mile hike on the Burlington Bike Bath. It was lovely. I’ve gotten to both of my Kempo classes this week. Because my second class fell on Halloween, I ended up with a private lesson Wednesday evening. It was awesome. Kicked my butt, in a good way!

Toby’s first time this fall in his dapper coat. He’s so handsome. 

On Wednesday, I took the liberty of scheduling the both of us a couple’s massage. I always used to vow I’d never get one of those, as I didn’t see how it could possibly be romantic or relaxing. Never say never. It was Hubs’ first massage by someone other than myself, so me being there eased the discomfort a little. Plus, I knew both of the therapists really well, which also helped. (PSA: never call your massage therapist a masseuse. We HATE it).

Cute pic of Hubs, terrible pic of me in the lobby of my favorite wellness center (that I don’t work at).

On the class front, I’ve been doubling down on homework this past week. I’d given myself a pass last week, and as a result I was rushing to meet a deadline I’d set for myself. It didn’t happen, but I’m close and I’m feeling good about the progress I’ve made.

I’m still feeling overwhelmed about all there is to know and learn regarding my new-found choice of careers, but then. . .I felt that way when I started massage and yoga as well. There is so much to explore, and a lifetime in which to do it. Patience, grasshopper.

I am hoping in the coming week to find a state of healthier food consumption. We’re coming into the “nearly impossible to eat healthy” season, so I’d like to get a head start on getting some good habits in place. I also need to get back on the treadmill. Now that the weather is turned and I’m once again struggling to find time for everything, it will be a good way to keep active. All I need is a half-hour on the damned thing. That’s it. Whether I walk or run on it is moot; its the movement that makes a difference.

So that’s the State of Kate this week: maintaining, a bit more leveled out, and slowly working her way back to where she was before she tanked.

Most definitely a WIN.