State of Kate Weekly Update

Weather-wise, it’s been a roller coaster of a week. It’s been rainy and fall-like, it’s been preternaturally warm and summer-like, and now we’re back to the gray and damp of autumn.

The Physical Form I’m Inhabiting

Starting weight: 154.7
Last week’s weight: 151.6
Current weight: 152.3
WOMP. Although, having a heaping plate full of nachos for dinner last night probably didn’t help my case.

Seeing the number consistently waffle between 151 and 153 is getting the better of me, I admit. I know that the number on the scale isn’t everything. In fact, it’s probably the last thing I should worry about. But our culture is very, very good at making sure it’s the first and only thing that matters in our minds.

Even though I’ve seen it before, this article from the New York Times recently reappeared in my news feed, and it resonated this time. It seems to be exactly the situation I’m in at the moment.

If something isn’t working, you fix it. Correct? Weekly weigh-ins are not currently working for me. So, this will be the last one I do for a while. I am more than a number on a scale, and I refuse to let one little thing derail me from all of the other positives.

Shall we all say it together? “FUCK YOU, SCALE! You’re not the boss of me!”

I’m going to keep using this picture until that scale starts behaving.

Moving the Form is Fun!
WIN. Exercised 4/7 days this week, but five actual workouts! Last Friday, I killed another 2.5/.5 interval run. Granted, I killed it very slowly, but whatever works. Saturday, we went went on a low-key walk along the lake. Sunday, I tried for another 2.5/.5 run, but my legs and my lungs were not having it. I still managed 1.75/1.25 (approximately), and I’m happy with that. Wednesday, Toby and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood. He always gets a kick out of sniffing new trees.

Toby loves the beach, but he’s still not a fan of the water. 

Once again, I had Kempo on Monday and Wednesday, for two hours each evening. It was leg week at the dojo: kicks, kicks, and more kicks. My legs are still in recovery. It was a lot of fun though; the Sensei on Monday night had us working toward tornado kicks, something that is on my list of things to learn. Wednesday was lotus kicks, a new one for me, but one that will be effective and powerful once I get it down.

Feeding the Form
WOMP.  This was not my best food week. Granted, I’ve had much, much worse. The baguette from last week morphed into a whole-wheat loaf which morphed yet again into a rye loaf. At least they were all from local bakeries with minimal ingredients and no preservatives or additives. But still.


The last of the bread is finally gone, and I will not be buying more. Of course, last night there were nachos. Homemade, vegetarian nachos. But still. There is a bag of half-eaten tortilla chips on the counter I am doing my best to ignore. But, hey win, there’s still half a bag left.

I’m not counting that win.

Today starts a new week. I’m going to go on a cooking binge today and fill the fridge with healthy, clean meals for the next few days. That will help get me back on track.


A little manic, to be honest. 
WOMP. I find myself obsessing about things lately, and down that road lies madness. I am obsessed with getting enough hours in for my editing class. I find myself getting caught up in the numbers of it, which is the wrong thing to be focusing on. Somewhere along the line my brain took “you may spend as much as ten to twenty hours on the work” and morphed it into “if you don’t spend twenty hours a week on this class, you’re going to fail.”

Um. . .WTF?

I get a lot of enjoyment out of the work, so I think on some level that is feeding the obsession. However, there is absolutely no way I can spend twenty hours a week doing this. I can, however, seem to manage a solid ten or so. Which is going to have to be enough, because that’s all I’ve got right now.


I’m sick of thinking.
WOMP. Think think think. All I ever do is think. I want to stop thinking and have some fun for a little while. No thinkie for Katie.

Last Saturday, the Hubs and I went apple picking. No thinking, just a lot of fun and some apple betty with vanilla ice cream. It was a good afternoon.


Tonight is Date Night. We’re going to have dinner at a local Middle Eastern restaurant (so easy to stay on my eating plan there!), and then see a well-known comedian after. Katie no thinkie. There is also a Book Festival this weekend, any my mentors will be exhibiting on Saturday, so I’m going to try and get to that. Otherwise, I think my big goal this coming week is to get myself back in gear.


Total Wins this week: 1
Total Womps this week: 4

What a wompy week. I blame aliens. Moving on.

Was your week like? Did you have more wins or womps?

If you can’t use the weird 75 degree weather in October to play with your pup in the backyard, what’s the point?