Finding the Time

I feel like I am constantly in a game of catch-up with my own life.

There are not enough hours in a day. How am I supposed to do everything that needs doing and still find time for myself? The answer is, I don’t. In order to make time for me, something else has to go undone.

I know if I want to continue getting in shape, I need to find the time—at least an hour a day—to exercise. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to give up that hour when you’ve got dishes, a dog, homework, work-work, meal prep, laundry, and groceries all needing to be done as well.

And oh my eff, the lawn. It needs to be mowed so badly, we’re starting to look like an abandoned house here.

Wednesdays are normally my “work at home” days. I use them to catch up on paperwork, write blog posts (for this and my professional blog), work on budgets, business planning, and all that fun stuff that you can’t really do when your day is otherwise filled with clients.

Yesterday, I went and got a massage with my Mama.

Self-care? You betcha. It was extremely overdue and much-needed. Then I came home and did two hours of homework, then two hours of Kempo. I slept like a baby last night. But you know what didn’t get done? Paperwork, budget work, post writing, and the ever-present lawn.

I guess the secret is, on a day-to-day basis, you need to decide what the priorities are and let the rest fall away. The dishes are always going to be in the sink, but how times will I have the opportunity to play hooky and have a Girl’s Day Out with my Mom?

I can’t do everything I need to do in a given day; it’s just not possible. Finding the balance is awkward and I think for most women ends up looking pretty strange. You take what you can get for yourself: those fifteen minutes alone in the shower, that twenty-minute commute after you drop the kids off but before you get to work; ten minutes alone with a book. Any book. Those little moments make a huge difference.

So, maybe the lawn gets mowed tomorrow. Maybe the dishes sit until this evening. Maybe we order out for dinner. They all need to get done, but you know what?

I am more important than the dishes.

For god’s sake. They can sit in the sink until I’m ready to do them. Or someone else can take care of them. My health and well-being are more important than any number of things that clutter up my day, yet all too often they both get put last.

So, today the lawn probably won’t get mowed. I’m probably going to put off my month’s end budget work for one more day. Today, I’m going to make some time for me. I’m going to get on that accursed treadmill and I’m going to knock off some mileage.

If I’m losing time, it’s because I’m letting it flit away. I can change the way my time is spent, and I can make it work to my advantage.

The dishes can suck it.

This past Sunday, I took the day off work and spent it with family. It was a good day.