State of Kate Weekly Update

How is it the end of September already? I just don’t understand. I blinked and missed August, and now I feel like I only got halfway through the blink and I still missed September.

The Physical Form I’m Inhabiting

Starting weight: 154.7
Last week’s weight: 150.8
Current weight: 150.6
WIN. Statistically speaking, that’s not enough significant difference to say I lost any weight. But technically the number is lower, so . . .

That being said, I am noticing a difference in how clothes fit and how my body feels. There is less of me, and I feel more toned. So the scale can shove it.

On the down side, I somehow managed to catch a head cold. So, I’ve been in serious self-care mode for a few days now. If I’m not really careful, every cold I get develops into bronchitis, so I’m doing my best to get ahead of the game and nip that in the bud.

This run. . .was not a pleasant one.

Moving the Form is Fun!
WOMP. Exercised 3/7 days this week, and the last attempt at anything was on Tuesday. All I managed this week a slow walk with my dog a week ago, Kempo class Monday night and an interval run Tuesday morning. Between the sun, dehydration, and the beginning stages of a head cold, I battled a stitch in my side and trouble catching my breath during the run. It wasn’t fun. Since the cold manifested, I’ve been saving my energy for my work shifts and breathing.

Limo Selfie! All dressed up as a bridesmaid for my BFF’s Big Day.

Feeding the Form
WIN.  Ironically enough. I made the best choices I could at the wedding this weekend. It’s always a challenge heading into the unknown with special events like this, even more so when you’re actually participating in the event. Time gets away from you and you suddenly realize you haven’t eaten anything in eight hours. But on the whole, I feel like I made good decisions and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy for my two dear friends.

Homemade chicken noodle soup, with bone broth, organic chicken, and a metric ton of garlic and fresh oregano.

One of the ways I take care of myself when I’m under the weather is through food. Both garlic and ginger are great immune boosters, as are turmeric and oregano. So I tend to make a lot of easy-to-digest dishes like lentil curries with rice, or chicken bone-broth soups, loaded with garlic and fresh oregano. I also make a “tea” comprised of lemons, garlic and ginger. I’ll drink it warm with honey (also a great anti-inflammatory and antibiotic food) or use it as a liquid in my morning smoothie. I’ll also add ginger and turmeric to my fruit smoothies as an extra booster.


WOMP. I’m tired, yo. You never realize how much work breathing is until your sinuses fill up with gook. I ended up skipping my Wednesday Kempo class; I just wasn’t feeling well enough to do it justice. Skipping Kempo always makes me a little sad. I’ve also been frustrated at the lack of movement and exercise this week. However, taking care of myself is more important. Which usually means binge-watching Call the Midwife until I’m talking in a British accent and sobbing over the cheesy emotional manipulation.


Simultaneously excited and fearful.
WIN/WOMP. One of each, I guess. Excited about the copy editing class that starts next week. Fearful that no matter how hard I work at it, I’ll still suck. I’ve been doing some preliminary homework and it has been fascinating to deal with the learning curve. I’m used to the “read the material and then do the exercises without looking” method of schoolwork, but in the case of copy editing, that’s the last thing you want to do. There is no possible way for me to remember nineteen pages of comma rules! Doing these exercises taught me it is not cheating to look things up. I’ve also learned that some of these rules are rather subjective, open to interpretation, and vary depending on what “style” you are following (APA vs. Chicago, for example).

I’ve also been dealing with the fear of bronchitis. It seems to get worse every year, with my lymph system unable to move the sickness out of my body. It lingers for a month or longer, and I feel terrible. Every time I cough, I fear it’s the beginning of something worse. I don’t trust my body to heal from this anymore.


If the weather clears up, my husband, the dog and I will go on a Saturday Morning Hiking Adventure. It’ll be slow-going for me, but it will feel good to get some fresh air in these tender lungs. We also have a family get-together on Sunday, and my big goal there is to make healthy choices with my food while still having fun hanging out with family I seldom get to see. Oh, and I need to finalize convincing my mother to visit my brother in the PNW for Thanksgiving.

See Mom, you made it into my blog. Now the world is telling you to just do it already.

In more mundane goals, I hope to get back to my bi-weekly Kempo classes and maybe get a run or two in. On Wednesday, I am super stoked to be getting a long-overdue massage. Getting self-care on the calendar: good for what ails you.


Total Wins this week: 3
Total Womps this week: 3

Fifty-fifty split. That feels about right. Well, today is a rainy, windy fall day and I plan on spending as much of it as possible curled up with a book and my dog.

How are your goals coming along? What are you struggling with this week? What did you succeed at? Leave a note in the comments!