State of Kate Weekly Update

Happy Friday!

Oy, has it been a week. Thankfully, nothing particularly bad happened; I just struggled to maintain any kind of momentum. Honestly, I don’t think there was any momentum. But here I am on the other side of that. I’ve given myself the luxury of a 3-day weekend (my work week starts on Sunday, so my “weekend” is Friday/Saturday.) I took yesterday off, and slept in this morning. I am feeling like I’m coming back to myself. Yay!

The Physical Form I’m Inhabiting

Starting weight: 154.7
Last week’s weight: 151.6
Current weight: 150.8
WIN. Well, that is frankly a pleasant surprise! Especially considering I had three cheat meals this week instead of one. But I assumed between that and the lack of movement that I gained this week. I’m feeling pretty stoked right now!

Moving the Form is Fun!
WIN. Exercised 4/7 days this week. I started out on Saturday with a high: running for 1.75 miles, walking for 1.25 miles, then taking a 2.3 mile hike with Hubs and Toby the Dog. It was pretty much all downhill after that. The heat and humidity this past week (90+ degrees with 40-50% humidity) meant that running wasn’t a good idea for me.

Managed to get this run in before the temps and humidity set in. Go me!

I managed 30m of yoga on Sunday, skipped Kempo on Monday because moving seemed like an impossibility. I managed to go on Wednesday and yesterday Toby and I went for a nice long walk together. Didn’t really burn many calories, but it got us both outside and moving.

Enjoying the cooler temps (and deserted sidewalks) with my crazy dog.

Feeding the Form
WOMP. I definitely struggled here this week, even though the scale “says” differently. Three cheat meals and a fourth dinner out (where I slightly better choices) meant that I felt like I was playing catch-up nutritionally all week.

In the grand scheme of things, I know that all of us have days and even weeks when nachos win over salads. It happens. I am still learning to brush myself off and move on.


Things have been low for me, but slowly improving this week.
WOMP. Part of this is my hormones regulating themselves. It happens every month, and every month I have a few days where I struggle to find a good mood, the silver lining, or the energy to bother with compassion. I am still learning to find peace in these swings, and to allow for their presence in my life. And to give myself the compassion I need to slow down and not force myself to go beyond what my body is asking of me.


My internal monologue has been trying to talk me out of everything I was excited about.
WOMP. Don’t you friggin’ hate it when that happens?? I mean seriously. I was so stoked about the Health Coach thing last week, and this week all my brain could say was “why bother? It’s not like anyone’s going to hire you. It’s going to be a waste of money. Just keep massaging until your hands give out, then go work at Hannaford or something. At least it’s just down the street.” Sometimes my brain really doesn’t like me.


Since Monday is Labor Day, the dojo is closed and frankly I think I need the break. Yesterday I stepped on something in my bare feet and bruised the bottom of my heel. I’m going to give it another day before I try to run on it, because right now walking is uncomfortable. I am hoping to get back on track with eating habits; we’re talking about going to the Fair tomorrow so I’ll use my cheat day to get some fried dough or something. Really, I think my goals for the coming week are to find my ambition and positive mindset again. I like those goals!


Total Wins this week: 2
Total Womps this week: 3

I knew there would be more womps this week, but really? They’re not major womps, especially in the grand scheme of things. I will not let them get me down. The reset button has been pushed, and the past week erased. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to meet my goals and then surpass them.

A hike in the woods with my two favorite fellas. Good day. 

What about you? Did you hop on the struggle bus with me this past week? Did you kill it? How was your week? Share in the comments!