State of Kate Weekly Update

Happy Friday!

I hope all is going well for all of you. It’s been a busy week here in my Katedom, but a good one. The weather has turned a little cooler; just enough to make doing things outside enjoyable again.

The Physical Form I’m Inhabiting

Starting weight: 154.7
Last week’s weight: 151.4
Current weight: 151.6
WOMP. Although, there are extenuating circumstances beyond my control this week which explain the ever-so-slight gain (hello, period). When I was doing Weight Watchers, I intentionally skipped weighing myself the week of my period. Even though the water retention and bloat was temporary, seeing the “gain” screwed with my mind. Giving myself a pass meant I stayed on Plan. This time around, transparency is more important than mind-games. So, I’m just going to have to deal with it. Buttercup is sucking it up.

Moving the Form is Fun!
WIN. Exercised 5/7 days this week! In addition to the Monday/Wednesday Kempo classes, I started running outside this past week, which is a whole different experience than treadmill running. My pace is a lot faster for one. It’s also a lot more interesting. I managed to get two outside runs this week. Last Saturday, The Hubs and I took our boy Toby on a short hike. All in all, it was an excellent week for moving.

1.5m run, 1.5m walked. Halfway there!

Feeding the Form
WIN. I’ll go into more depth on my food choices in an upcoming post, but for now I’ll give the basics. Both Hubs and I decided a few weeks ago that we needed to cut back on our sugar intake and cut way back on our bread intake. As in, we should stop buying anything made with flour. So we have. Well, I. Hubs has been informed if he buys something off-plan during work hours not to tell me so we’re both happier.

We are allowed one cheat meal a week.  The rest of the time we eat whole, healthy foods, heavy on fruits, veg and whole grains. Aside from some ballpark french fries (hand-cut, so they were actually potatoes recently), I’d say we did very well this week. Also, there have been no Doritos, which for a period week is practically unheard of.

Champ the Lake Monsters mascot discusses something deep with a kid.


I have felt like I’ve been killing it this week.
WIN. Between the decision to move forward with Health Coach training, as well as feeling super stoked about my running wins, I’ve felt more determined than I have in a long time. It has definitely translated to a happier, calmer me, which is an extra bonus as usually I get depressed for a day or two prior to my period. That downswing hasn’t happened this time around, aside from a brief “why do I bother trying anything new?” internal monologue that thankfully ended quickly.


I have been so inspired this week!
WIN. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Health Coach programs, and discovered that there is a lot out there (good and not-so-good). I’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities, and yesterday I took the first step in making sure I qualify for all three of them: I signed up for a CPR/AED Certification class. Which, as someone who sees clients on a regular basis, I should have kept current. But did you know you can do part of it online now? I passed that yesterday, and now I’ve got a 45m class coming up in two weeks for the hands-on part. I am excited!


The Monday/Wednesday Kempo classes are regular. I would like to get at least two more outside runs in, hopefully bumping up the mileage a bit to 1.75 miles run. I’d also like to do something active with the Hubs and the Boy tomorrow, but that will be weather dependent. I also need to start re-integrating yoga into my life. It’s been a long time, but between the Kempo and the running, I think my tightening muscles would appreciate a little length. Pizza. There better the hell be pizza for my cheat meal this weekend.


Total Wins this week: 4
Total Womps this week: 1

Once again, more wins than womps! And the womp really isn’t a womp in the grand scheme of things. A good week all around!

What about you? What were your wins this week? What were your womps? Share in the comments!

The Hubs, The Boy and I in the woods. Good day.

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