The State of Kate

In this new weekly series, every Friday I’ll highlight my week’s highs (wins) and lows (womps). I’ve got goals and I’m working toward them, but many social media sights tend to overlook the hard times, making a person think it’s easy to just roll out of bed, lose fifteen pounds, and have six-pack abs. Sometimes I am that fabulous. Sometimes, I am…not. You will get to see both sides.

Also, because life is more than this physical blob of biology I’m lugging around, I’ll be checking in on all aspects of my life. That means emotional and mental stuff, as well. Because you can make all the physical changes you want, but if you don’t address the stuff behind it, you’ll never really move forward.

Let’s get started, shall we?

The Blob of Biology

Starting weight: 154.7/152.4
There is some discrepancy here since the first weight was taken last Monday and on a different scale; one that has since been retired. The second weight was on the new scale last Friday. By all accounts I lost 2.3 pounds in four days. Hellooooo water weight.

Current weight: 151.4
Exactly one pound lost since last Friday, 3.3 since last Monday. I’ll take it! Check one in the WIN category.

Moving the Blob is Fun!
Changes in eating habits are all well and good, but for this middle-aged lady nothing’s going to change if I don’t move. Last Saturday my husband and I went kayaking and I loved it. On Monday I had my one-hour all-levels Kempo class. On Wednesday, I did two hours of Kempo. Yesterday, I walked for an hour. Yay me! Four out of seven days had activity. Check another in the WIN category.

It was a beautiful morning for a float down the river. Didn’t really need the life jacket; the water was pretty low.

Goals for the coming week: The Monday/Wednesday Kempo classes are regular. I would like to get back on the treadmill and continue working on running 3 miles. I seem to be stalled at one mile. I’m finding the heat and humidity make it difficult for me to catch a breath these days, so I’m watching things there. As the seasons turn, I should have better luck. I would also like to do something active with The Hubs on Saturday again, but we haven’t nailed that down yet.

The Feels

Overall, this week has felt pretty good.
This new blog has inspired me and stoked my creative fires. I find myself flooded with post ideas and excited to bring myself to the computer and share. This is a contrast to last week where I was dealing with coming down off my Kempo Camp high. The good mood has translated into a calmer, more engaged me this week. It feels good. WIN.

The Thinks

I have been so inspired this week!
First, I moved my home office. It had been in our guest bedroom, but I moved it into my “Woo Room.” I had been feeling disconnected from a lot of the things that were important to me, and moving into this space has grounded me. As I love spending time in here, it’s no hardship to sit down and work.

My new office space. Complete with altar, incense, and room to lay down on the floor and do yoga if I feel the need.

I have also begun researching new avenues for my private practice. Inspired by this new Journey I’m sharing with all of you, I’m looking at Health/Wellness/Nutritional Coaching programs. I’m excited with the possibilities this opens up to me, and I look forward to sharing my journey here as it develops.  WIN.


Total Wins this week: 4
Total Womps this week: 0

Yay, wins! I like all-win weeks. There will be womps, and I will share them with you. No matter how embarrassing or frustrating. Because we’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve all experienced the womps life hands us, and we’d rather no one else judge us. But we’re all human and we all have our off-days.

What about you? What were your wins this week? What were your womps? Share in the comments!